Monday, March 01, 2010

Off to SLA in New Orleans

Had to get up at 3 am to get to Buffalo for my 6 am flight. Made it in good time. I really wish the traffic was like that every morning. The song playing on the radio when iI got in the car was The Tragically Hip’s New Orleans is Sinking!  Quite the coincidence.

No lineup at the border. No problems at the airport. I am currently sitting in Atlanta waiting for my connection.

In Buffalo, my gate was the farthest possible from security. This is what I usually get, as far as possible. However, in Atlanta, my connecting flight was out of the exact same gate I came in at. Nice! Even if I had to change terminals, Atlanta has the best system I have seen so far.

Quick breakfast at a greasy airport restaurant here in Atlanta. Everything was not quite hot. The toast would not even melt the fake butter. I skipped the grits.

Not much to do with the 2 hr layover here. I should have downloaded a movie. I also wanted to bring a memory stick but forgot. Hopefully one of the vendors at the conference will be giving them away as swag/schwag.

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