Saturday, March 20, 2010

The great quest is successful



Emma painted a picture of Naomi Watts as her summative project for art. Then we read in the Oakville Beaver that Naomi Watts and Daniel Craig were filming a movie here in Oakville. Albert went on a quest – have Ms Watts sign Emma’s painting.

We checked out the filming location one morning and were told they filmed at night. He took Emma at night. They became chummy with the police and security IMG_4419teams but never seeing the actors. However, they did have one fellow promise to speak to Ms Watt’s assistant. Last night the three of them went again.

When the actors returned from “lunch” at 2 am, Ms Watt’s car stopped, she said Ms Watts would sign the painting, they took the picture and she signed it. 

They also got personally autographed photos of Daniel Craig.

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