Monday, July 12, 2004

We made it -- barely

What a fun day yesterday was. Left the house in a limo for the airport at 10:30 am for a 12:45 flight. Seems like it should be enough time, however, when we were checking in we could not find the health cards for the children and they would not allow them on the plane. Eventually they said Emma could go because she had a library card (really secure ID that is) but since Andrew had nothing he could not go. Our options, stay home, two people go, leave Andrew at home alone, or someone had to go home to get the cards. By this time the lineup behind us was huge and people were being rude and saying things to us.

That is the option we took. I raced out, bargained with a limo driver for a quick round trip, and we were off. I had only 1 hour to do this. He went fast. Could not find the health cards, so took the birth certificates. He went fast again and I was back at the airport, $90 poorer, but with ID in hand.

Went back to the check in line, cut to the front, got dirty looks, and were checked in. Raced through security, raced down the halls to the last gate (who gets to fly in the first ones I wonder) and walked straight onto the plane -- second last people to board.

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