Monday, July 12, 2004

Our "favourite" hotel

So we survived Jetsgo. And we survived Mother Nature. But will we survive the hotel. Probably, but may never return.

1. Restaurant is mostly closed and under renovations. No one told me that when I made the reservation.

2. Desk clerk from H-E-double hockey sticks. Here is the conversation:
DC-The elevators are not working because of the storm.
C-When will they be working again?
DC-Couple of hours
C-We have a lot of luggage I really don't want to carry up the stairs, what can we do about that?
DC-You can cancel your reservation. (in that tone that make you want to slap someone)
C-Well, that is certainly an uncalled for remark.
DC-You are the third person who has asked that and there is nothing I can do. Do you you want the room or not?

3. Water park is shut down because of the storm as well.

This morning the regular staff got an earful and the manager has been informed.

Also, the only reason we stay at this hotel (Ramada Hotel and Water Park) is because of the water park. Seems the flooding has done something there as well and the water slides are not working.

So why, I ask myself, are we even there? Travellodge has room for us on the return stay and we will most likely not be at the Ramada again.

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