Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A long awaited posting

We are finally getting a new bathroom!

Current bathroom:
  • old chipped white tub
  • plastic cracked shower surround which scares me (what mould lies behind there??)
  • red/yellow/brown glass tiles on floor
  • yellow faux marble sink
  • ancient lighting
  • sink drain does not drain very fast
  • tub drain does not drain very fast
  • water into sink is not a nice smooth flow
  • shower is hot then cold then hot (the diverter is mostly broken and half the water goes down instead of out the shower)
  • standard large flat mirror
  • no exhaust fan - steam from clothes ryer enters bathroom every time the dryer is used
New bathroom:
  • tub gone
  • large shower
  • new tile floor
  • smooth glass shower door
  • new tile wall in shower
  • new sink
  • new taps, plumbing
  • new lighting
  • ceiling exhaust fan

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