Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chicago in July

I, Carolyne, am in Chicago for the SLA Annual Conference.  After a rough start, they did not have a record of me for registration, all is well. The room is great. Two beds Two bathrooms.

They told me that Chicago was a "union town". Now I know what that means -- Each floor in the Hilton has a large elevator lobby. On our floor there was a washcloth and Kleenex sitting on a table. It was there when I checked in at noon yesterday. It is still there 28 hours later. I told a housekeeper about it and she said "That is not my job. I'll call someone."

Ok, she is housekeeping. She gets the washcloths from everyone's bathrooms, yet she cannot pick up the one in the lobby as it is NOT HER JOB.

Union rule more important than customer satisfaction.

In the top photo you can see half of the elevator lobby. A mirror set of furniture is behind me.  Look closely at the table on the left. Closeup is the bottom photo.

I'll let you know if it is still there tomorrow!

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