Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Dog Guides

I just signed up to walk in the Purina Walk for Dog Guides.   http://www.purinawalkfordogguides.com/personalPage.cfm?ID=8411 
It got me thinking about all the Dog Guides we have had in our house over the years.
  1. Casper (RIP) – ours for a year. Went to Newfoundland and was kill by a car less than a year later.
    feb 003
  2. Carmel – dog sitting for a couple of weeks – she had so many problems she never graduated at all.
  3. Mitchell – strange dog. However he did graduate from Canine Vision.
  4. Ajax (AJ) – ours for a year. He is a Canine Vision dog for a lovely young lady in Barrie now. His name is now Thompson
  5. Jamie – She visited when we had AJ. Lovely dog.
  6. (memory failure) – a black miniature poodle for a few weeks that none of us can remember the name of Sad smile
  7. Dewey – Had him over the March break this year. Since dogs are not allowed in our condo, Emma and the dog went to Lindsay for the week


Nicole said...

I just recently found your blog about a month ago doing a google search for standard poodle Dog Guides. Your pictures of AJ are great! I will be fostering a standard poodle puppy sometime this summer, I can't wait!

I just have a couple of questions that I hope you don't mind me asking.

Is there any way of finding out how much longer I will have to wait for the puppy? I am getting super anxious!! Is calling the Breslau facility a good idea?

My other question, seeing as you have quite a bit of experience with fostering puppies, is how hard is it to let the dog go after a year? I am already worried about this and I don't even have the puppy yet! Lol. I'm 18 and my sister is 15, so I think it will be a lot harder for us than our parents to say goodbye. Is it very difficult to go through?
Thanks for your time!

Library Blogger said...

Nicole, if you see this, email me at carolyne. Dot. Darimont Gmail. . Com

I'll connect you with my daughter who is your age now. She is best to explain. Basically, we were on the list for a new puppy so parting was not so bad. Also, going to the puppy graduation shows you the huge good these puppies do.

Susie said...

Nice to see your blog, Carolyne. The little black miniature poodle was our first foster puppy, Thelma. If you would like a photo of her to add to your collection, let me know. We were very grateful you were able to puppysit her for us in July of 2009. Thelma went on to graduate as a hearing dog for a lovely woman in Mississauga.