Friday, June 18, 2010

At the Atlanta Airport

  • guy in waiting area has stomach/abdomen/gall bladder problems and is taken away. I am glad he is not getting on my plane.
  • free internet will not connect. Atlanta airport internet which costs money connects fine
  • flight is delayed 45 minutes
  • I had to wait for seat assignment
  • Coke machine will not take my money
  • seeing eye dog on my flight :)
  • there is a place with beds to sleep in here at the airport ($30/hr)
  • people are very loud on their cell phones – I don’t really need to know all their secrets and their life stories
  • a young man and a young woman met while waiting for the plane, went off and had a drink, changed their seats so they could sit together, were quite cute and cuddly on the plane, and then at the Buffalo airport, she introduced him to her family as a guy she met at the Atlanta airport. Ah, young love :)

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