Saturday, January 02, 2010

Job Jar is mostly empty to start the New Year

Job jar day went very well.

Only took about 3 hours to get it all done.

  1. change calendar
  2. water plants
  3. fix Emma's bedroom door. sticks
  4. install door sweep on front door
  5. fix Andrew's bedroom door. sticks
  6. clean bathrooms
  7. get rid of 4-6 towels. Purchased new ones. one in one out
  8. change Brita filter
  9. clean all mirrors
  10. wash light fixtures in bedrooms
  11. replace burnt out light bulbs
  12. take old broken kitchen exhaust fan down and get rid of it.
  13. take down Christmas decorations
  14. add children’s photos to photo frame
  15. take out all garbage
  16. clean out kettle with vinegar
  17. fix master bathroom door. sticks
  18. put up new TP roll holder
  19. mop kitchen
  20. vacuum and mop laundry room
  21. fix stopper on bathroom door – cannot find found wood glue

Jobs that did not get done

  1. wash inside car windows – too cold
  2. wash inside van windows – too cold
  3. install new exhaust fan – need to have vents cleaned first
  4. paint where exhaust fan was
  5. paint one step to outside
  6. fix stopper on bathroom door – cannot find wood glue

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