Wednesday, August 05, 2009

AMJ Campbell Van Lines

We hired AMJ Campbell Van Lines to move us 2.9 KM down the road from our house into a condo last week (July 30)

Guess what??

They did not complete the move. They left a bunch of stuff back at the house because the truck was too small. At 1 pm they said they would make a second trip. At 6 pm they said they were not going back.

This after sitting in the truck doing nothing for a goodly while.

Albert and I had to go and move the rest of the stuff ourselves. In the car. In the van. In friend’s van. And still had to leave some in the garage for the next day.

All this while the new owners were sitting in front of the house, keys in hand, waiting.

What a FIASCO!!!!

Interesting research shows we are not the only ones

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