Saturday, May 10, 2008

Edmonton as of Saturday - noon

Thursday we arrived at the Hamilton airport about 2 hours before we needed to be there. They are doing some renovations and the waiting area is completely different than we remembered it. The flight was good, nothing exceptionally interesting happened, though Detroit did beat Philadelphia 4 to 1.

We arrived in Edmonton at around 8:40 local time, it felt like 10:40 to us. When we finally arrived and were settled in our room at the Grant MacEwan residence it was almost 1 am for us.


Friday was an uneventful day. We slept in. Carolyne has a migraine. Then we visited Grandma around 1:30. She had a hair appointment at 2:00 so we waited for her to come back.

Off to the Buijs household to check in -- we just stayed out of everyone's way!

We went shopping for earrings and necklaces for the wedding tomorrow. Dinner at Boston Pizza. As you can tell it was very good and nothing was left.


Early to bed because tomorrow is the big day.

Peter Buijs 
is getting married to 
Maryanne Loney!

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