Sunday, April 06, 2008

SLA 2008 - Permission Granted

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I received official permission to attend SLA in Seattle!!

Since I also provide library services to a group in Wilsonville OR (just south of Portland) I will be rolling two trips into one. Flying into Seattle early, driving to Portland for a few days, driving back for the conference.

I am excited. I have not been to SLA for a few years. I always find it inspiring, energizing, and educational. I booked myself into the conference hotel before I had travel approval which was a good  thing as I have a room in the centre of the activity. My knee has been very troublesome so the less walking the better, especially on all those hills.

I have already send an email to those I know asking if they are going as well. It is never too early to plan dinner with friends.

I have been over the programme a few times and have so many conflicts with all the sessions I want to attend, it will be hard to finalize anything. It may come down to walking distance. It just gives me more incentive to be extra diligent about the physiotherapy!

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