Monday, January 14, 2008

Dogs Dogs Dogs

We had our Foster Puppy -- Casper -- home for the holidays and he brought a friend -- Mitchell. WELL....

Mitchell was not really very well trained. He pooed in Emma's room, he begged for food, he jumped up on people and doors, he would not wait for supper, he jumped on the furniture, he barked at the neighbours' dogs, and he bit Casper and drew blood! Bad Mitchell.

After those two went back the Lions people phoned us and wanted to know if we would babysit a 5 month old puppy for 4 days, so Carmel came into the house for a weekend.

We won't be doing this "full time" again, but I can handle the "babysitting" gigs!

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*~Amy~* said...

Too bad to hear about Mitchel, but isn't it fun getting the puppies back at Christmas? Glad to hear you will still be involved even if not in the same way.

What is Casper in training for? Clifford got recalled back in June and will be graduating as a CVC on Valentines Day :) I'm now on my 6th and 7th foster puppy.

Buhbye, Amy