Thursday, November 01, 2007

From Monterey to Toronto

We had to leave Monterey on the 30th in order to be home for the kids on Halloween and were at the Monterey airport when that earthquake hit. We thought nothing of it since it seemed minor. We were called to board the plane and when we got to the stairs to board, they turned us back. All flights were grounded due to the earthquake.

We only had 1 hour in San Francisco to change planes, but that should have been enough. The plane finally left Monterey Airport and we arrived in San Francisco at 10:05 pm. The Toronto flight was scheduled to leave at 10:15 pm.

Don't know if you have been in the San Francisco airport, but from the ground we could see our Air Canada flight a short distance across the tarmac. Inside the terminal, however, it was a 10 mile run :) And run we did.
We get to the gate and are the last ones in line. The friendly staff greeted us with "Hurry up, Hurry up". Very annoying. Like the delay was our fault. Like we caused the earthquake.

Got to Toronto and because of the short time in San Francisco the luggage did not get on our plane. We filled out the claim forms and left. On the way out the custom agent with the strangest glasses I have ever seen (Halloween??) wanted to know what we had purchased that was in our lost bags. I could not think I was so tired and started to slowly rhyme off.. t shirts... sweat shirts... a bowl... She interrupts me and asks me to hurry up because I am holding up the line. I look behind us and there is no one.. ZERO.. nada.. behind us. I was tired, but she was just coming on... What's up with that??

Finally made it home. At about 4 pm yesterday Air Canada phoned to tell us they found 2 of the 3 bags. One of which is the one with all my conference notes, gifts, power cord for laptop, VPN card, shoes, etc. The missing one has much less value things -- socks, underwear, old t shirts, pajamas, etc.

Today at noon the missing luggage (all three pieces) was delivered safe and sound to the house!

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