Monday, July 12, 2004

Not such a good day.

At 10:30 eastern time yesterday the limo came to take us to the air port.
When we got to the baggage check in we found out that all children need to have id to go on the plane, but we didn't have any so mom went home to get our birth certificates. When she got back we got on the plane no problem.
When we finished the 4 hour trip it started to rain and rain, and while in stop and go traffic we watched the water rise in the ditch until in washed over the road.
To got out of the rain we stopped at an "East Side Mario's" for dinner. After dinner we checked in to the hotel and found out that the elevator shafts had 2 feet of water in them and the water slides were not working either.
So we went to see Grandma and Grandpa while we waited for the elevators to get fixed. After that we went to see Aunt Rosannne and Uncle Joe. Then we finally we went up to the hotel room and went to BED.
ZZZZZZZZZZZZ ( by the way the elevators were still not working when we got back. )

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